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Oh, the cat up there is Loki. He's ten. (We named him ten years ago, long before the recent Marvel movies. Calm down.) And he's... special. Loud, not very bright. But fuzzy and loving! And likes to keep me from my reading, as you can see.



Doodle - Welcome To Night Vale 
A “quick” doodle of Cecil and Khoshekh, because I had to deal with all the feelings of  the episode 43, “Visitor”.


DoodleWelcome To Night Vale 

A “quick” doodle of Cecil and Khoshekh, because I had to deal with all the feelings of  the episode 43, “Visitor”.



game of thrones hogwarts au

jon snow puts on the sorting hat

“ahh, you must be ned stark’s bastard”

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It’s been almost a week since I was suppose to know if I got it or not, and they’re still saying they haven’t made a decision yet.

I am full of RAGE

If you point out casual racism on a regular basis, you’re going to get a lot of people whining that you’re too ‘politically correct,’ which is not a phrase that actually means anything anymore, besides saying of its speaker, ‘I am nostalgic for a time when I could be as racist as I wanted and nobody bugged me about it and thus I would like you to just shut up now you dumb person with your stupid thinky brain thoughts trying to infiltrate the hostile and unmovable lump of granite I replaced my mind with.’




Why is Christopher Eccleston afraid of Paul McGann?

Because McGann Hurt Eccleston.


oh my god

Can we take a moment to appreciate that 50 years of a television show, with multiple writers, a reboot, and the fixing of a gaping plot hole have come together to give us the ability to make this exact pun?

Wait, fixing of a gaping plot hole? Do we mean creating of gaping plot holes?

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So I’m reading a long, in-depth smack down of the Moffat era and they pointed out that Amy’s childhood obsession with the Doctor is another part of her Doctor-fixation. And it is.

But it had never really bothered me before, at least, it had only bothered me as one piece of the Amy’s-whole-life-revolves-around-the-Doctor bit. And I figured out why. I think it’s because for the Amy in my head, the one who didn’t get fucked over, denied agency, interest, personality, and character development, it would have been nothing but sweet.

I mean think about it. You’re a lonely 11 year old (Was she 11? Something like that.) and this crazy amazing man drops out of the sky, has some fun with you, saves you from the scary crack in your wall, offers you adventure, and then disappears. I’d be obsessed too! And the thing is, it’s not like it’s a romantic obsession, or a sexual obsession. It’s a little kid’s you’re-so-cool-let’s-have-adventures obsession. 

But Amy’s story line doesn’t sustain an interesting or caring enough story for the wonder and innocence of this obsession to be maintained. She continues to adore the Doctor, continues to fixate and it turns romantic/sexual pretty quickly. So here’s what I would have wanted.

I want Amy to be reunited with the Doctor, and be ecstatic.She would run off to be on adventures with him, childhood dreams come true, nothing could be better. But quickly she realizes that adventures are scary, and are dangerous. And slowly she realizes, the Doctor is not her perfect friend and savior. He is a damaged and unhealthy man. She would come to realize that childhood fantasies are not and never can be real.

She would have to face a universe far different from the one she imagined, and navigate her relationship with this madman with a box. She would likely even need to confront him often (as my favorite companions have always done), calling him out on his shit. Maybe stopping him from being super scary, like Rose does in Dalek, or Donna in Runaway Bride. I do like some of the characterization of 11 as childlike in some ways, so maybe she would confront him about his excitement. People are dying, people are getting hurt, stop being so disrespectfully gleeful.

I would love to see the character journey she goes through when confronted with her childhood imaginary friend’s real world.

Sadly, Moffat turned her into a sassy blank-sheet with a sexual obsession and the men around her to define her. Thanks Moffat.